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Steepletone UK Ltd

Rise Play - Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock

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Introducing Rise Play, the ultimate multifunctional marvel for your mornings and leisure time.

This sleek bedside digital alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker comes in striking Yellow, Orange, and Purple.

It's your new morning and music companion, offering more than just an alarm clock.

Wireless Entertainment Hub: Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite tunes or radio stations, letting melodies awaken you in a new way.

Intuitive Digital Display: Stay on schedule with the digital LED clock face, switchable between 24 or 12-hour formats. Three Alarm Modes: Conquer oversleeping with three distinct alarm modes, boosting your morning confidence.

Customizable Brightness: Personalize your room's ambiance with three adjustable brightness levels.

Optional Date and Room Temperature Display: Stay informed about appointments and indoor conditions with a quick glance. Compact and Contemporary: Rise Play's modern design seamlessly blends into your bedroom decor,