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Patisserie Beauty

Patisserie Beauty Pomelo Palm Bath Ball

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For when you want to feel… grounded, mindful and bright Scent notes: ozonic coconut water & zingy citrus

Key ingredients: Yuzu & lemon essential oils, Yucca root extract, Coconut oil

Sunshine-like yuzu and lemon essential oils with the scents of ripe green pomelo and coconut water help ground and create serenity.

Practise mindfulness as you watch shades of turquoise and green take over the tub. Your tropical island paradise.

Sink into your well-deserved warm bath, enjoying a moment of mindfulness. Each of our bath balls are hand-pressed and decorated with expertly selected ingredients to benefit your beautiful outer (and inner) self.

Remove all packaging. Drop into a warm running bath, letting the ball completely fizz away before stepping in to relax and enjoy.

To really focus on your wellbeing, we recommend practising some simple mindful breathing (deeply inhale through your nose for 3 counts, hold your breath for 2, and exhale through your mouth for 4).