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Patisserie Beauty

Patisserie Beauty Mood Boost Shower Steamers

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Contains 4 x shower steamers

For when you want to feel … bright, uplifted and radiant

Scented with 100% natural essential oils, including:

Lemon essential oil - an uplifting essential oil, mood-boosting and bright Pink grapefruit essential oil - a classic oil used for stress relief and to ease nervous tension Bergamot essential oil - promotes positive mood with its fresh, citrusy green scent Rosemary essential oil - an invigorating herbal oil known to perk up your mood and boost circulation
Lemon verbena essential oil - commonly used in aromatherapy to treat depression due to its uplifting nature

Contains 4 x shower steamers.

Packed in an fsc certified box and a biodegradable bag.

Our products are lovingly hand made, so there might be slight variations in shape and colour.